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Excellent Practitioner After my physician could not find any explanation for my frequent heart palpitations, he said he just didn’t know how to treat them. My mom took me to visit Dr. Kotzur to see if she could help. As it turned out, she didn’t only help rid me of heart palpitations, but she also made various rashes, asthma, and other small nuances disappear. I’m very grateful to her for the excellent treatment - it has made my life much more comfortable.
Bette S
Life Changing I have been suffering with extreme anxiety and depression for many years. After seeing Dr Kotzur and following her instruction, I can happily report that my life has completely changed. The stressors from work and simply, life, are a constant battle for me. I now am able to see things from other perspectives and my anxiety has decreased remarkably. Thank you Dr Kotzur. I am not sure where I would be without your help. BSR